Custom made

Away from your loved ones and your employees? Send them sweet thoughts with Maison Dandoy! Boxes with personalised messages, speculoos to create, we adapt to any of your ideas. And to make your life easier, we take care ourselves of getting your gifts to each of their lucky receivers.

Your boxes

The boxes are customizable with a sleeve to which we add your visual and the text you have chosen. We offer the possibility of adding a ribbon for an extra touch as well as little cards to slip in. Individual gift bags may also be provided.

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Speculoos Box Custom

How it works

  1. Choose your visual.

  2. Select the text to add to the sleeve.

    • Our sweetest wishes.
    • For an unforgettable party, the crunchiest biscuits!
    • The tastiest biscuits from Brussels.
    • Shared happiness tastes better.
    • Happy Biscuit Day!
  3. Personal messages will be written on cards and slipped under the ribbon

Your speculoos

Wooden moulds of two different sizes can be handcrafted in order to replicate the design of your choice on an infinite number of speculoos.

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Speculoos Single
Speculoos Serie

The little speculoos (7 × 5cm)

  1. The classic “moulin’’ speculoos (7 × 5cm) may be adorned with a drawing, a name or anything else. They can be placed in customized boxes of 250 grams.

  2. Speculoos Duo

    109 × 109 x 72mm

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  3. Spectaculoos Speculoos

    109 × 109 x 72mm

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Speculoos Piece Unique

The great speculoos (max. 10 × 17cm)

  1. The great speculoos can sport the motif or the shape of your choice. It may be slipped into a fitted case.

  2. Speculoos

    max. 10 × 17cm

  3. Vanilla Speculoos

    max. 10 × 17cm

Order and contact

  1. Price

    On demand

  2. Delay

    10 working days depending on the chosen options and quantities

  3. Terms

    Offers adaptable according to your needs

  4. Options

    • Ribbon
    • Ribbon and card
    • Gift bag
  5. Contact

Contact us

Classic and chocolate speculoos and marzipan Saint Nicholas, chocolate coins and sugar cane on a chopping board next to flowers.

Corporate gifts

Celebrate Saint Nicholas at work with Maison Dandoy