At Maison Dandoy, we run on sugar. Pockets full of candies for moments as charming as kids’ dreams. And if the good old days were nowadays? 

Coeur Massepain Maison Dandoy
Main Coeur Massepain Maison Dandoy

On the surface of my almond heart, you can see a sweet tan. And inside, there’s love for everyone and tons of marzipan.

Barre Massepain Maison Dandoy
Christiane, 5th generation of Maison Dandoy, made her own marzipan when she wasn’t behind Butter Street’s counter. You can always try and compete with her.

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Christine Maison Dandoy

I’m always asked what is my favourite biscuit but it’s too tricky a question. If I have one piece of advice to give, it’s to try and eat speculoos with marzipan. I will never have enough!

Christine Rombouts-Dandoy, Spectaculoos Marketing Officer depuis 1991