At Maison Dandoy, our speculoos recipe comes straight from our great-great-great-grandfather. We still make them the traditional way with real butter, brown sugar and handcrafted wooden moulds. As crunchy as they are cheeky, they have the power to instantly set your mood and make your day. 

Speculoos Grand Place Bruxelles Maison Dandoy
Precious Little Dandoy Speculoos

Precious little Dandoy Speculoos

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This is the speculoos that will love you back

When nothing goes right, go speculoos
St Nicolas Speculoos Maison Dandoy

According to tradition, speculoos are a tasty reward for good children during the celebration of Saint Nicholas on December 6. At Maison Dandoy, we think of the mischievous ones too: here is Dandoy speculoos ancestral recipe!

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Valere Rombouts Dandoy

Several times a week, two very discreet men came to buy crushed speculoos. Once, they ended up telling me that they were for the King Leopold. As Astrid didn’t want him to eat sugar, he hid them at the bottom of his jacket pockets before going hunting.

Valère Rombouts-Dandoy, 4th génération of Maison Dandoy
Bernard Helson Maison Dandoy

When I’m beat, all our biscuits are my allies but the almond bread is still my favourite treat!

Bernard Helson, Spectaculoos managing director since 1998