The waffles of Liege and Brussels are old friends. It is rumored that one day, after a particularly sugary argument, the Liège waffle wanted to smooth things over while the Brussels waffle became more subdued and delicate. Luckily, we invited them both to our stores to settle the score. We think there's plenty of room for these two star treats!

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What's more brusseleir than Maison Dandoy? A Liege waffle topped with chocolat


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Square but always inspired
our Brussels waffle
can't wait to be devoured

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Liege or Brussels waffle? When it comes to sweets, Maison Dandoy doesn't like to have to choose.

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Entering the new shop on Charles Buls street is like hugging your inner child. The smell of waffles, the cosy atmosphere and the playful tapestries on the wall made by designer Fanny Vanmansart.

At the counter, you will have to make the biggest choice of all: Liège or Brussels waffle? The first one takes you to a syrupy and soft world. The second is crispy, light and square. Here, to choose is not to forsake, but to allow yourself to get a better taste.

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Expect a regal welcome in our Galeries boutique. Our waffles and cookies are sure to greet and treat you in style. No need for a crown, simply walk through the door and your sweetest wishes will be fulfilled.

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You can enjoy our waffles in three Dandoy shops:

Maison Dandoy - Tea room & Waffles
Rue Charles Buls, 14 1000 Bruxelles

Maison Dandoy - Galeries
Galerie du roi, 2 1000 Bruxelles

Maison Dandoy - Parvis Saint-Parvis
Galerie du roi, 2 - 1000 Bruxelles