A gourmet rabbit & chocolate eggs

Did you forget about last Easter? So did we, and we'd rather not remember... Let's celebrate that this year, our workshop is running and all our boutiques are open!

Our Easter treats, which weren't lucky enough to shine last year, are eager to make up for lost time. There are four of them, and rumour has it that they're ready to battle it out to be the star of your hunt... and your hearts.

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You're already familiar with our first treat: a wonderful dark or milk chocolate egg filled with sweet secrets. Once smashed (don't be too harsh), you'll find classic and vanilla speculoos as well as small chocolate eggs. As usual, we have teamed up with our favourite Brussels chocolatier: Laurent Gerbaud. To make these 100% Belgian chocolate eggs, we have mixed our quality ingredients and our outspoken personalities.

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The second delicacy is a new one. A small speculoos rabbit sitting on a large polka-dot egg. These polka-dots are not without reminding those of the Maison Dandoy. This rabbit, coming right out of a fable, has a bold taste and is super good at hiding. You might be lucky if you go burrow-hunting.

In his burrow hides Master rabbit, patiently sitting on his polka-dot egg. But don’t be fooled by his mother hen act, he’s just waiting for chocolate to hatch.

The third delicacy and not the least: our traditional half-speculoos half-chocolate eggs. You have already met three of them. Welcome the new addition to the gang: speculoos dipped in milk chocolate sprinkled with peanuts and slivers of salted caramel. Also made in collaboration with Laurent Gerbaud, these four eggs have their own specific tastes and can't wait to win their spurs!

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I am a goofy Speculoos who does everything by half, even when I fall in a bucket full of milk chocolate, peanuts and slivers of salted caramel.

Finally, a small trio pack filled with speculoos and chocolate eggs tops it all off. There are two versions of it: milk or dark chocolate. You can hide to eat them all at once or share them with your loved ones. Our tip: shared happiness always tastes better.

The entire Maison Dandoy team joins us in wishing you a happy Easter, more joyful and turbulent than last year's :).