Take away biscuits, delicious destinations

Today's the day! Everyone's about to catch a train for a well-deserved summer break. While most passengers are on time and comfortably seated, a few latecomers are rushing towards the platform...

Right then, all aboard! Everyone's carrying a round box of golden biscuits under their arm. The journey can finally begin – with Dandoy by their side, everyone’s ready to enjoy a true summer adventure.

Senlis Margaux Dandoy SS24 37

At only 8 o'clock in the morning, discussions are well on their way – there's talk of adventure, good deals, everybody's got a story to tell. But the one question that keeps popping up is: "What did you pack in your suitcase?"

While it may seem trivial, this question has a very different effect depending on the person. Packing a suitcase has the power to reveal a whole set of personalities... which explains the old saying: "Show me your suitcase and I'll show you who you are".

Senlis Margaux Dandoy SS24 01b

Oscar, here, is of the tidy type. His suitcase contains two passports (because you never know) and his clothes are folded to a tee. But above all, he would never travel without his reusable tin of Dandoy biscuits. Summer is all about sweet treats for him. What a splendid idea it was to come up with this metal box!

Senlis Margaux Dandoy SS24 05

As for Joséphine, she likes to travel light: one bathing suit, one crossword puzzle, the rest will follow. She's convinced that the lighter she travels, the more stories she'll have to tell, and she never leaves home without her notebook. No reusable tin for her, she knows she can count on her friends.

Senlis Margaux Dandoy SS24 11

Delphine is the sweet tooth of the group. Going on holiday? You know she’ll come prepared! Her suitcase contains not one, but three reusable Dandoy tins.There's no way she'll spend two months without her precious speculoos! She's also a postcard aficionado, and if you're lucky enough to receive one, you'll recognise it by the biscuit crumbs attached.

Maison Dandoy wants to spend the summer with you this year. But that's not all. We also want to reduce waste as much as possible while rethinking our habits. Which is why we came up with our round reusable tin. Both convenient and eco-friendly, it's designed to store your biscuits while lowering your environmental footprint. Delicious, isn't it?