Grand opening of our new tea room in Uccle: biscuits, waffles, and exclusive recipes...

Here's some exciting news for all the connoisseurs of delightful treats! We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new tea room in Uccle. Beyond being just a boutique, our new cozy venue is the perfect place to savor a waffle or try one of our recipes (specially imagined for the location) during a leisurely afternoon stroll...

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And there's more to savor for our gourmets – our Liège and Brussels waffles have joined us on the journey. Straight from the heart of Brussels, they will be available for enjoyment on-site and for takeout! Paired with their favorite toppings, they eagerly await to be devoured by you!

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And what's a new address without a delightful exclusive offering? Picture this in our new Ucclo tea room: four new recipes that are as comforting as they are delicious. Explore our frozen madeleines, buttery brioche, or even our frosted cookies, all paired perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea. Indulge in the sweetness of a leisurely afternoon. It's a guaranteed trip down memory lane, providing endless delight!

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A family story that keeps on growing!

As we have already announced, it is at Parvis Saint-Pierre, in the heart of Uccle, that the result of our new collaboration with the Piovenefabi studio comes to life. Following the boutique on Avenue de l'Université in Ixelles, we have once again joined forces with Ambra and her team.

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Not one to change a winning team, we were able to count on the same talented crew of Brussels artisans. Among them were ironworkers Ulysse and  Ben of Bureau Metal, who reinstalled their beautiful lighting system. They reinterpreted the fixture specially for the new space, running it all along the ceiling of the shop. You'll notice some of the same wooden elements, sculptures, display cabinets, as well as the same counter and bench. A local, family-run operation for a local, family-run clientele – we've come full circle.

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Speaking of which, our family keeps getting bigger, with the studio inviting artist Valérie Mannaerts to bring her unique vision to the ensemble.

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You'll recognise her mark in the patterns she's created for the occasion. Quite literally, in fact, as her thumbprint formed the basis for the beautiful diagonals painted on the various pieces of furniture, beautifully echoing our brand's iconic polka dots.

On the counter, she has painted touching embraces that blend into the woodwork: a reminder of the hugs we'll be receiving from family and friends when we arrive laden with bundles of delicious speculoos, hailed by the people of Brussels as the most irresistible…

Valérie Mannaerts

My family has been in Brussels for 5 generations. To me, Maison Dandoy really symbolises the holidays.