Whatever happened to our golden polka dots?

Maison Dandoy is in a panic: our golden polka dots have run off! We’ve had no luck finding them! If the rumours are true, some of them are crunching their way to other shores, while others are simply hiding in our boxes...

DAN rituelpaques 16 9 V2

Everyone here is on the case, but so far our investigation hasn’t turned up anything. As much as we wanted to keep this information private, we now have no choice but to ask our loyal gourmets for help. Please join the search for our golden dots! You'll be rewarded with surprise biscuits, or a guided tour of our workshop.

To lead the way, you can count on our speculoos hen and rabbit, used to hiding their eggs (yes, the rabbit too...). This time of year, their wit is as sharp as their vision:

Dandoy 4x5 00021233 freduyttenhove

The hen:

"To find the golden dots that have slipped into our boxes, you're going to have to fuel those cravings! It's said that luck favours the brave, but in this case, it really favours the hungry. Here's a hint: think of Easter, think of seasonal pleasures – our little runaways have a knack for tradition!”

Dandoy 4x5 00021227 freduyttenhove

The rabbit:

"As for those who have escaped, remember that our golden dots aren't the brightest bulbs in the shed. They're used to just hanging out, so they couldn't have gone too far. Around four of our stores, they allegedly found their new (not-so-secret) hideout, leaving behind a trail of clues, like crumbs!

So, dear gourmets, are you ready to hunt down some polka dots? Stay tuned, follow our stories on @maisondandoy from 6 March;

Psst, someone told us the hunts could take place every Saturday in March.

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