Happy Mentor's day!

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Come and make your own gift for Father's Day with Maison Dandoy!

  • Visit our boutique at Stéphanie this Saturday June 11th from 3 to 5pm. You’ll receive a limited edition white Dandoy box. No need to register, just come along!
  • Make it personal: draw and write on your box. Stuck on inspiration? Illustrator Agoston Palinko will be there to assist and inspire you!
  • Fill it with the sweets of your choice.
  • Gift it to someone you admire!

We're celebrating Father's Day this Sunday! At Maison Dandoy, we know that not everyone was raised by a mom and dad. This year, in addition to these usual figures, we would like to celebrate all those adults who, in our childhood, have been our mentors.

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To the uncle we have always admired, to this aunt who was the best listener, to the grandmother who guided us, to the grandfather who taught us to control our anger. To the teachers who saw our potential before we could and who pushed us. To the camp counselors who made us laugh, to the social workers who saved us, to the doctors and nurses who reassured us. To all the people who held our little hands as children!

Because there are many ways to say it, and just as many ways to draw it, Happy Mentor’s Day to those who inspire us.

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For all these lighthouses in the eventful path of childhood, it is time to take our pencils and draw all the thanks that we never said. Our boxes, in white for this special occasion, are ready to showcase your funny drawings and colourful feelings!

Let's draw together this Saturday, June 11th! We'll be waiting for you with restless fingers in our boutique on Place Stéphanie from 3 to 5 pm to colour and celebrate together. Illustrator Agoston Palinko will be there to inspire you and help you create a unique box to gift to all the mentors who have marked you.