The Dandoy family has a new member!

t is with delicious pride that we announce the opening of our new boutique on the Avenue de l'Université in Ixelles. Our family is growing to the delight of local gourmets. Once again, craftsmanship, quality and tradition are at the heart of our new home.

This new boutique at the University opens a new chapter of collaboration with the architectural studio "Piovenefabi". Close friends of Maison Dandoy, they have already collaborated on various projects such as the Galeries Lafayette pop-up and are therefore well acquainted with our mischievous and generous universe.

Dandoy 4X5 V2 Dsf6120 Freduyttenhove
Dandoy 4X5 V2 Dsf6191 Freduyttenhove

Their main challenge was to play with Dandoy's codes while reinterpreting them in their own way, defining a specific language that would be used from one store to the next. Ambra and his team created sculptural forms that would inhabit the space and highlight each of our products. They imagined stepped shapes that invite customers to enter our world, where everything is pure pleasure. But that's not all: the iconic Dandoy polka dots can also be found on the front door handles - come visit us, you'll see!

Dandoy 4X5 V2 Dsf6182 Freduyttenhove
Dandoy 4X5 V2 Dsf6176 Freduyttenhove

They have also worked on the rituals of making and buying our cookies. In this new boutique, you'll find a counter and displays to accompany these precious gourmet rituals. As they so aptly put it, it was important to give our biscuits the attention they deserve, elevating them to the status of sweet little treasures.

Dandoy 4X5 V2 Dsf6234 2 Freduyttenhove

Another point that they have decided to emphasize, and that is unique to our company, is the "zero kilometer" principle of artisanal (and even family) craftsmanship. This ecological approach aims to reduce our impact on the environment by using local resources as much as possible. Most of the materials used to build our new nest were sourced in Belgium.

An artisanal process, carried out by a team, in the best tradition. Doesn't that sound familiar?

"Maison Dandoy embodies tradition, but a tradition that looks to the future, aware of the changes and challenges of today". - Ambra