Maison Dandoy is growing

Maison Dandoy is growing: there are two new spots where our biscuits can make you happy!

In Brussels, it's in the King's Galery (Galerie du Roi) that Maison Dandoy brings a touch of cheekiness along with all its biscuits. Since they were slightly impressed, we did everything we could to make them look at their best. Indeed, the Royal Galleries are quite a place! Opened in 1847, they're part of the oldest galleries in Europe. With the help of artisans from Brussels, our biscuits came to perfectly fit the space without altering its spirit and history. Two stories merging with the project of leaving a mark on memories. Walking in as a kid, coming back thirty years later and reminiscing. Maison Dandoy is also a jolly time travel.

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intérieur galerie du roi

Freshly arrived in Antwerpen, our biscuits were seeking the limelight. They found it thanks to a spectacular counter in the middle of the shop, all marble and glass. The great golden lampshade is literally putting them under the spotlight. Some souvenirs from Dandoy story have been placed around the boutique, highlighting the key moments of a 189-years long history.

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Our shop windows are for daydreaming.

Grand Place, rue Charles Buls, Place Stéphanie, Sablon, Place Brugmann, Saint-Job, Stockel et Galerie du roi… It has become a piece of cake to find some. Our shop windows are for daydreaming. The journey takes you as far as Antwerpen. A sweet trip that has only just begun.

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