Maison Dandoy wishes you a happy Easter

Ding-dong, here come the Easter bells. They’re not the only ones to lay chocolate eggs all around the world. In the Netherlands and in England, the rabbits are in charge while in Westphalia, the fox and the cuckoo make the children happy. In the Tyrol, it’s the cock’s mission when in Australia, the bandicoot needs to do the job.

Bells, rabbits or foxes, Easter is everywhere a moment of bliss, a time when the grey sky is replaced by butterflies and chicken broth by yummy chocolates. 

Sachet Paques Maison Dandoy

Easter is the best time to dip your speculoos in chocolate.

As usual, we’ve prepared some very special treats for you. Three delicious speculoos and chocolate eggs to hide, seek and savour. The first one is dark chocolate with red berries, ginger and cacao beans, the second is milk chocolate with pistachios and cacao beans and the last one is a vanilla speculoos covered with white chocolate, red berries and blueberries. 

To hide them without being seen, to be the first one to secretly leave for the hunt, to eat discretely the biggest chocolate surprise, we’ve made a unique bag, which is a bit more than what it looks like. A crafty and ingenious packet to camouflage yourself.

Here you are, all set to hunt in a completely covert fashion.

Sachet Deguisement Paques Maison Dandoy

This bag has more than one trick up its sleeve. It carries your precious chocolate eggs, hides your surprises and is the greatest camouflage.