Saint Nicholas at Maison Dandoy

Leaves are falling, days are getting shorter, the air is fresher, autumn break is over… You guessed it: Saint Nicholas is getting closer!

Saint Nicolas Maitres Gourmands Maison Dandoy

At Maison Dandoy, we’ve been waiting for this for months. Our pastry chefs are restless and don’t talk about anything else, our oven are running at full capacity and our speculoos and marzipans have the Saturday night fever. Once a year, they dress up for the occasion and become Saint Nicholas himself, his donkey and of course all the speculoos family. We hope you’re ready to indulge in unforgettable sweet treats…

Saint Nicolas Massepain Maison Dandoy

According to tradition, Saint Nicholas bring speculoos to good children. At Maison Dandoy, we think of everyone: the mischievous young and old alike!

Saint-Nicolas's sweets are for kids of all ages.

Saint Nicholas

The hardest part is to make the donkey go through the chimney!

Figurines small or big, assortment huge or tiny, our catalogue is full of possibilities. There are even sugar canes and chocolate coins… And like every year, Saint Nicholas wonder how he is going to manage not to have his beard full of speculoos crumbs.

Saint Nicolas Petites Planches Magasin Maison Dandoy

You wish to celebrate Saint Nicholas in your company?

Who said Saint Nicholas was only for good kids? Discover here our assortments made specially for your events!