A biscuit for Lovers

Each year, our love apple metamorphoses under the mysterious influences of desire and feelings. Indeed, our garnet heart has its reasons that reason knows not! For Valentine’s day 2020, rumour has it that it turned into a love potion...

For a successful love potion: a hint of ardour, a dash of passion, a drop of flowery flavour & a teaspoon of devotion

Also: better late than never, we made sure that all couples could identify themselves. In our shops and online, you will be able to choose between three different versions of our love apple. Let’s be specific so that no one misses it: this biscuit is a limited edition. Don’t wait too long to enjoy it. On your Loves, set, go!

The final word for the ones who don’t celebrate Valentine’s day: we know that romance doesn’t need any occasion but don’t forget that, often, it’s the occasion that triggers romance ;).