The Dandoy Feast

Make your wishes come true! Our speculoos Santas have taken over our shops, determined to feast before their grand tour.

And where there's feasting, there's treating. Get ready for a grand finale! All our biscuits are dressed to the nines and the champagne glasses filled to the brim. On the menu: upside down ties, fancy hats, and other wild coquetries. When it comes to having fun, you can always count on this bunch.

They can't wait to get the party started: see them dance and sing around the table, hoping for thousands of presents the next day.


The extraordinary guests joke around, not missing a chance to introduce themselves at the table. An exciting story is never in short supply, as their imagination is as great as their need for attention:

DAN Noel 23 Etoile 4 5

— Starla

Shooting star or rising star? My entrance is always grand, and I never decline a sparkly invitation.

DAN Noel 23 Costume 4 5

— Rococo

A brightly coloured suit and a high brow adorn my look. When you're in my manor you better watch your manners. I might have worn my tie upside down once, but don't tell the other guests...

DAN Noel 23 Cadeau 4 5 02

— RubanRuben

All wrapped up, I look like I've got something to hide. I'm full of surprises for my sweet friends!

DAN Noel 23 Pompier 45

— Flambô

I save the day – or at least the evening! When my work is done, I set the party on fire!

Looking for something to brighten up your dinner parties? You can find our speculoos Santas, with or without their Gingerbreadman pal, in our shops and on our website. They can't wait to throw a party in your dining room.