Maison Dandoy x Maison Horta

You might not be aware of it, but there are quite a few similarities between Maison Dandoy and Maison Horta. Indeed, these two Belgian « Maisons », which have been around for a long time (back when Belgium was taking its first steps), share a deep passion for tradition and exceptional craftsmanship. That’s why, from their very first encounter, they quickly realized that collaborating could only be an excellent thing…

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These two Maisons then hatched a mischievous plan, creating a unique box that houses a delicious speculoos puzzle. This biscuit masterpiece playfully captures the expertise of both establishments: the curved patterns adorning the cookies perfectly embodies the elegance of Horta's decorations, while the speculoos reflects Dandoy's mouthwatering craftsmanship that has elevated Dandoy to an iconic status.

« Two Maisons that mirror and a biscuit puzzle to savor. »

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So, Maison Dandoy and Maison Horta have come together to celebrate art and treats with sophistication. This collaboration, intended to endure through time, pays homage to the richness of Belgian heritage, celebrates creativity, and stands as a testament to the importance of craftsmanship in our beautiful country's culture. It's a meeting where skills harmoniously blend, stories intertwine, and our culture is celebrated with fervor and innovation.

Pssst... that's not all! Did you know that just a few steps (and sometimes more) from our boutiques, you can find buildings and artworks signed by Horta? 

For all those as curious as they are gourmet, we have prepared guided walks with downloadable maps here.

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