Easter biscuits finally emerge from their den!

Spring us upon the garden of follies, inviting the large family of Easter biscuits to come out of their flowery lair. Indeed, sweet little creatures inhabit our haven of fantasy. They are as wacky as they are delicious, and they are determined to enjoy their day in the sun.

But don't be fooled by their appetising looks, for they have more than one trick up their sleeve: turn hunters' heads and live their best chocolate craze.

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The first to stand out is our chicken/egg with its vanilla speculoos. A hen-cum-eggcup, cackling as loud as she can searching for the perfect egg.

Her technique to avoid being caught? Quiz the hunters: which of her or the egg came first?

Dandoy 1X1 0178 Freduyttenhove

"Brood me, oh egg, before the hunter finds me."

A little further on, hidden by immensely colourful flowers, you can see little mischievous eggs made of speculoos. The ones covered in dark chocolate make the most of the night to hide in the dark. Others, rather milk-sops, come out under no other pretence than to party.

Dandoy 4X5 0220 Freduyttenhove

"These dreamy biscuits won't do the hunters any favours."

Last but not least to come out of his burrow is our nesting rabbit. A speculoos biscuit with a bit of a kick, he's keen to brood on his egg like a devoted hen. Not a common sight, but remember that our garden of follies is a delicious feast of poetic nonsense.

Dandoy 4X5 0127 Freduyttenhove

"If Master Rabbit sits on a polka-dot egg, it's because he expects it to hatch into chocolate."

Happy wacky Easter to all!