Our galettes tell your fortune!

Once the holiday season has passed (and the resolutions are made), we always wonder what the new year has in store for us. Some invest, for instance, in crystal balls, while others attempt to interpret things by gazing into the depths of their coffee cups. Yet, few manage to unveil the secrets of their destiny...

Therefore, Maison Dandoy has decided to provide answers to all those gourmets curious about what 2024 holds by attributing a personality to each "galette des rois" (king cake). Whether you're a gourmet, a dreamer, a party-animal, or a gambler; whatever fate chooses for you, the galette you receive will set the tone for your year! Almond or speculoos flavor, it's up to you to decide, and for the rest, our galettes will take care of reading your future.

Galettedesrois04 45

Gourmet - You are a greedy gourmet!

This year is all about indulgence or nothing. Yes, in 2024, get ready to savor every little bite that life offers you, and never say no when invited to dinner. Your future partner or associate might just be around the table! Always show your appetite for the good things in life, and you'll find everyone reaching out to you with envy!

Galettedesrois06 45

Party-animal - You are a party gourmet!

It's well-known: "Life is a party," so why not make the most of it? Party-goer, destiny has spoken, this year will be filled with surprises and celebrations! Boredom is not in your vocabulary, so always make sure to be where the action is: bakeries, art openings, or banquets. You might, who knows, stumble upon someone who will ignite the fireworks within you!

Galettedesrois02 45

Dreamer - You are a dreamy gourmet!

For once, your dreams are coming true; this year, you're the queen or king. Take advantage of it to take your time and think about all the things you've always wanted to achieve. You've understood it, 2024 will rhyme with relaxation and dreamy moments with biscuits. Be aware, it's up to you and you alone to turn your dreams into reality, so don't hesitate to descend from your cozy little cloud.

Galettedesrois08 45

Player - You are a playful gourmet!

Dear player gourmet, even if you like to keep your cards close to your chest, this year, it would be good for you to "go all-in" and bet big on your desires (whether they are sweet or not). Listen to yourself, live your life as you see fit, and always seize the opportunity. You'll see, everything will work out for you! However, avoid bluffing too much; you might end up getting caught!