The fantastic speculoos family is coming to spice up your holidays!

For the festive season, we are coming up with brand new boxes full of very special biscuits. Are you ready for some speculoos fun?

Boites We Are Family Personnages Speculoos Maison Dandoy
Enfant Construisant Personnage Speculoos Vanille Maison Dandoy

We have the great honour of introducing you to the fantastic speculoos family. You will see that every family member is cut in three. Your mission? To reconstitute them and, above all, to have fun creating surprising and odd characters.

They all lost their heads, give them a leg up!

Personnages Speculoos Vanille Classique Maison Dandoy
Personne Construisant Personnage Speculoos Maison Dandoy

The heads, the busts, the legs : three rows of classic or vanilla speculoos to create an infinite number of characters with quite a spicy personality. Meet Père Noël, a Nordic benefactor, and his brother Saint-Nicolas, a bishop coming straight from the East, Angel the prodigal daughter and Seitan his evil twin, Rudolph the pet deer and Douglas the chatty Christmas tree.

Personnages We Are Family Maison Danoy

Will we one day have a good head on our shoulders?

Of course, if you get mixed up, you may also come across Ruglas, the pet Christmas tree, Doudolphe, the chatty deer, Père Seitan, the evil benefactor and Nicolphe, the deer-head bishop... Whatever their names and their looks, they all have only one goal in mind: to allow you to escape and embark on some very far-fetched adventures.

Personnages Speculoos Classique Vanille Sur Table Maison Dandoy

A family to re-member!