Welcome to a Delirious December!

This year, the month of December at Maison Dandoy will be crazy or won't be! From St. Nicholas to Christmas, a bunch of incredible offers (if not downright inconceivable) will be in the spotlight.

So extend your chimneys for our great deals. For this very special occasion, all of our Dandoy biscuits are certified 100% filled with ingredients. No, you're not dreaming, prepare to be blown away or, at least, satisfied.

For ten thousand speculoos bought, one for free!

We take you to a world of excess where everything must be liquidated, crunched, devoured!

Exclusively, a prize to be won with each order placed. Here are the gifts at stake:

  • the replacement of your children by well-behaved children
  • a trip around the world on a donkey,
  • a box of carrot-flavored speculoos,
  • the scientific proof that Saint Nicholas really exists.

Get ready, the draw will take place on November 31 at midnight sharp.