At Maison Dandoy, our biscuits are handmade with skill and care in the true tradition. Crafted by hand in our Brussels’ atelier, they will burst into your world and make your senses twinkle and dance. These are the biscuits that will love you back.

Pascal Maison Dandoy

What would you prefer ? A cold machine roughly kneading you into perfection? Or a couple of soft hands giving you a heavenly long massage. Our biscuits prefer the latter. We too.

Pascal, Spectaculoos biscuit creator since 2002

Cookies Chocolat Classique Bol Lait Atelier Pierre Culot Maison Dandoy

This one is a tough cookie!

I’m a bit spicy but mostly completely gingery!

Coeur Palmier Maison Dandoy
Precious Little Dandoy Feuille Palmier

Precious little Dandoy Feuille de palmier

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Sugar, salt, flour and butter, that’s all our pastry chefs need to cause a heartquake.

Bernard Helson Maison Dandoy

Why want great weather and palm trees when you could simply get Palmiers?

Bernard Helson, Spectaculoos managing director since 1998

Pili Maison Dandoy

There is nothing I prefer to a biscuit cuillère… Ah, yes, maybe a whole box of biscuit cuillère!

Pili, Spectaculoos sales assistant since 2010

Assortiment Biscuits Sables Maison Dandoy
Precious Little Dandoy Sable Pistache

Precious little Dandoy Sablé pistache

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Butter inside, nut on the top, and crumbs everywhere.