2 Galettes, 4 Personalities and only 1 crown - Take the test!

The Kings' and Queens' Galette is the perfect time to get together after the holiday season. It's the perfect occasion to discuss your already-forgotten resolutions, everyone’s New Year's adventures, and most of all, to have a good time!

When it’s time to cut the cake, have you noticed that your guests' personalities burst out in the open?

While some people just want to enjoy themselves, others devise mad strategies to get the crown. Then there are those that just want to have fun, and others that seem to daydream away. So many gourmets gathered around the same table, so many different personalities...

Take the test to find out more about your guests (and yourself) – and don't forget to have fun!

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1. You are invited to eat the Galette des Rois at a friend's house. What do you bring?

A. Nothing, you forgot you were even invited.
B. Dandoy cookies! You never know, there might not be enough food for everyone.
C. A good bottle of wine and bubbles. Eating is cheating, right?
D. Your lucky charm, the one that never leaves your side. You need all the luck you can get to become king/queen.

2. Lucky you! You find the bean, how do you react?

A. What bean? It's 2023 already?
B. You discreetly put it in your mouth to check if it's edible. Sadly, it's not...
C. A round of drinks! You have to celebrate your coronation in style!
D. You jump for joy! Your Machiavellian plans have not been in vain. Let's play again!

Dandoy0077 45

3.There are kids around the table, you are the type to:

A. Tell them about your memories. "You know, when I was your age..."
B. Be delighted! You know they won't finish their share, i.e. more for you!
C. Wondering if it's their bedtime already? May the real party start!
D. Try to make them understand that it's not about getting the crown, it's about participating. Just because they're younger doesn't mean we should make them win.

4. The time to choose the person with whom to share the throne has arrived, you choose...

A.Why choose? Isn't choice a form of surrender? And off you go on a lyrical rant...
B.The one who hasn't finished their plate. Ruling together means sharing, right?
C.The person dancing in the living room. Fun guaranteed!
D. Nobody! You are the king/queen, period!

Dandoy0222 45

A majority of A's, you are a... DREAMY GOURMET

Dandoy0225 45

People often say that you have your head in the clouds, and this tradition is just one of many for you. Oddly enough, you often find yourself crowned even though you didn't wish for it. A galette or a bavette, it doesn't matter much to you. For you, it's all about revisiting your sweetest childhood memories.

A majority of B's, you are a... GREEDY GOURMET

Dandoy0170 45

Hardly content after last year's celebrations, you have one thing on your mind: to treat yourself again! To you, traditions are all fine and dandy, especially when they're on your plate. The Fève? Sure, it's cute, but what really matters is to finish this gorgeous galette up to the last crumb!

A majority of C's, you are a... PARTY GOURMET

Dandoy0419 916

When it comes to ceremonies, you are mostly on the hosting side. You've been looking forward to this day since New Year's Eve. You have a passion for celebrations, and the longer they last, the better! Getting the fève is nice... but your first command as King or Queen is to never stop having fun!

A majority of D's, you are a... PLAYFUL GOURMET

Dandoy0159 45

Your mission, which you have accepted by now, is to find the fève. You'll do whatever it takes to succeed. Stakes are highest while the cake is being cut, and you secretly say your prayers. If you don't win, you'll bribe your guests for a place on the throne. You, cheating? Never…

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