5 things you must do this summer

Slow down, it's summer. And at this time of the year, all we dream of is lazing about all day. This is why we thought of this to-do list, to help you slow summer time down and maybe even push the start of the school year away.

Madeleines Assiette Jaune Soleil Maison Dandoy
Madeleines Moitie Croque Planche Decouper Soleil

1. Secretly bite in a madeleine way before snack time.

Madeleines Rondelles Citron Maison Dandoy
Madeleines Oeufs Instant Patisserie Vacances Maison Dandoy

2. Instead of answering to this incredibly urgent email, dip a few slices of lemon into a glass of iced water and start baking a dessert for dinner.

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Madeleines Assiette Jaune Imprime Rayure Rouge Maison Dandoy

3. Accidentally put your phone on airplane mode and sneak out to have a picnic.

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Madelaines Carte Postales Plage Mer Nord Maison Dandoy

4. Write a postcard to someone that you hardly ever see anymore but whom, despite the years, you never forgot.

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Madeleines Ombre Soleil 2 Maison Dandoy

5. Lie down under a tree and shake in a corner of your head some happy forgotten memories.