The Delirious December game is on !

Delirious December is hot hot hot at Maison Dandoy. After having taken you through a world of weird and wonderful (hardly more so than Black Friday) sales, we're taking you back to the old days... well, at least back to the days when children still looked jolly on game boxes.

Let's be honest, the holidays come with their ups and downs. Whether there's magic or nostalgia in the air, for most it's a time to get together with family and friends.

Enfant Pyramide Speculoos Delirious December Maison Dandoy
Pere Noel Speculoos Maison Dandoy

Obviously, this brings back memories. There are the fun ones, like the time when a badly dressed Santa put on a deep voice to tell silly jokes. Or the time the children realised that Santa’s shoes looked suspiciously similar to Uncle John’s…

And then, let's face it, there are the other memories. Like the time your cousin refused to sell you Mayfair and it was so frustrating because you'd had Park Lane since round 1. Then there were the outbursts. Grown ups arguments you hoped you'd never be old enough to understand. Or simply the years with nothing to celebrate, whether it was Christmas, Hanukkah or just New Years, the spirit wasn't there.

Enfants Jeux Delirious December Maison Dandoy
Gingerbread Man Maison Dandoy

So either to remember or forget everything, let's play! Has the conversation turned sour? Roll the dice and draw a card: "You are released from dinner. Go straight to dessert." Has someone just asked you if a baby is on its way? Place your left hand on their pink mouth. An uncalled-for remark? Put your game down quietly: triple biscuit score & double bite. In any case, dessert is served so have your cake and eat it too! And if you ever need backup, we can always send Colonel Speculoos…
to the kitchen…
with a rolling pin…

Playful Holidays to all!