Would you be my crunchy Valentine?

Like every year, we thought of something special for Valentines Day. To declare your love, to remind your loved one of it or simply to surprise him/her. Last year, we created a brand new biscuit: at once sweet and fruity, soft and crunchy...

This year, we reinvented it. For lovers and gourmands… and for those who are both.

In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were living the life. The one thing they couldn’t do was have that one biscuit. But you know the story, they ate it! There aren’t many things for which being damned still feels sweet.

From inside this little heart so much love burst, Adam and Eve didn’t even mind that they were cursed.

Maison Dandoy Pomme Damour Biscuit 2019
He & She

Crunchier, a smaller little garnet heart and two great lovers.