The same again, please! - From beer to biscuit & biscuit to beer

We don't know about you, but we needed a few tasty and tangy beers to get us through the sudden end of summer. So much so that we decided to relaunch our project with our favourite local brewery: Brussels Beer Project.

To refresh your memory: Brussels Beer Project aims to playfully breathe new life into traditional abbey beers from their headquarters in the heart of the city. Thanks to their inventive team of brewers, over the past six years the Belgians have been able to enjoy some very lively beers with original if not to say rather crazy recipes.

Inspired, we set our heart on celebrating a circular economy. Together, we dreamed of collaborating to a greener system and decided to give a second life to our own soon-to-be-thrown-away products.

To do so, we intended to create something tasty with our leftovers. Our unsellable speculoos, shattered somewhere along our production line, took the direction of Brussels Beer Project brewery. Meanwhile, we welcomed in our atelier the residues of cereals used during the cooking of the beer: the draffs.

So, can you guess what we've been up to? Brussels Beer Project made a beer with our broken speculoos while we created a brand new biscuit with their draffs. Tough Cookie came to life.

Tough Cookie Biere Biscuits Collab Brussels Beer Project Maison Dandoy

The next step was to give the traditional Brussels Beer Project bottle a makeover with the valuable help of the trendy Dandoy dots and to restyle our packet of biscuits accordingly.

For anyone who didn't catch the process first time round (we admit it's a bit loopy), here you go again: Our leftover biscuits are used to make beer, which is then used again in our biscuit recipe! Phew! All in the name of celebrating local produce and reducing food waste.

The circle is complete, and it's a real feast!

Tough Cookie Verre Biere Biscuits Degustation Collab Brussels Beer Project Maison Dandoy

There is a Belgian saying that goes: "Where the brewer comes, the baker doesn't". It means that one doesn't need to eat when he/she's had a beer. Well... You might not need to, but you'll definitely want to.