The Dandoy waffles

Brussels waffle and Liege waffle are old mates. Word has it that one day, after what had been quite a big argument, Brussels waffle became crispier and Liege waffle had to smooth it out. In the 70’s, we invited them both around the same table to bring them back together. A new boutique with a tearoom was opening on Charles Buls street and there was way enough room for these two sweet stars. We are pretty glad to tell you that they manage to patch things up. When it comes to good food, Maison Dandoy never liked to choose.

Brussels waffle Maison Dandoy
Brussels waffle
Liege waffle Maison Dandoy
Liege waffle

Light and fluffy, Brussels waffle is at once crispy and creamy. Generous and warm, caramelised and buttered, Liege waffle is filled with sugar bits. Being delicious and hot from the griddle is what they have in common. Both can be topped with sugar, homemade chocolate, whipped cream and more… Anything goes!

Only one étage away, our tearoom to sweeten your day.

Maison Dandoy - Tea room & Waffles
Rue Charles Buls, 14 1000 Bruxelles

Maison Dandoy - Galeries
Galerie du roi, 2 1000 Bruxelles