Springtime Stories, Garden Follies

Haven't you noticed the sun shyly peeking out? The smell of freshly cut grass? Days that are getting longer, announcing the return of lighter clothing? Well, you guessed it: the long awaited spring is about to begin.

Paques Aj Close 01

To celebrate its delicious return this year, we had the idea of opening the doors of our wild garden to you. This wonderful place where the ordinary gives way to the imaginary and everyday life is full of springtime follies. In this place like no other, overflowing with deliciously colored flowers, everyone lives in harmony and absurdity is normality.

Paques Aj Close 02

And even if some will tell you that this garden is only the fruit of our imagination (and maybe they are right), know however that it is important, in these sometimes "rainy" times, to let yourself dream, and imagine your own wild haven of peace. So, why don't you give it a try?

Paques Aj Close 03

To perfectly depict our poetic garden, we called on Alexis Jamet. A French artist with a vaporous and poetic universe, tinged with lightness. Dreamer before the Lord, he knew perfectly how to imagine our upside down world, where extraordinary and biscuits flourish endlessly.