Happy Parents' Day!

Once again, at Maison Dandoy, we wanted to do things differently and combine Mother's and Father's Day to celebrate all parents. Fully aware of the fact that not everyone was raised by a mum and dad, our Parents' Day takes on a more inclusive and generous meaning, bringing together all figures, regardless of gender, who served as role models in our childhood and continue to inspire us today.

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2304 Dandoy Ecole 0400 V2 4 5

It is time to give thanks to all those people who, from near or far, have reached out to us in difficult times or simply reassured us with a gentle smile. There's no way of doing this with rules or theories, only with the urge to paint outside the lines to prove, in one's very own way, all one's overflowing affection.

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Rather on point, as this year the mood is one of colour, of different strokes for different folks, of being drawn together. Words are beautiful and necessary, but don't they hit the spot even more with sweets and colour? So take your best pencil and sketch out all the thank yous left unsaid on the white canvas of our customizable box and packaging! Fill them with good vibes and pictures before you give them to those that matter, big or small.

Pano Palmier V2

Not inspired? Our white boxes and Grandes Feuilles de Palmier also come with colourful stickers.

Happy Parents' Day to everyone!