The egg hunt is officially open!

There’s something in the air. And we’re not talking about pollen! See this little miraculous je-ne-sais-quoi? The smell of freshly cut grass. The light breeze that calls upon Summer. The discrete grin at the idea of hiding scarves and beanies under the bed. And this aroma of chocolate coming from Dandoy atelier. Did you guess yet? It’s Easter soon!

crushed Dandoy dark chocolate egg with speculoos crunchy bits and little girl hands eating chocolate
Dandoy dark chocolate egg on its speculoos socle

Like every year, Maison Dandoy and Laurent Gerbeaud worked together in deepest secrecy to enable you to organize the most marvellous egg hunt. But this time, in addition to the usual speculoos dipped in chocolate, there will be true eggs, stuffed with speculoos crunchy bits. Dark or milk chocolate, there is a great chance that everybody will hurry to hunt them first.

Dandoy dark chocolate egg and its box
Dandoy milk chocolate egg and its box

This crunchy egg is waiting for the one true gourmand

Dandoy dark chocolate egg split in two, cinnamon sticks around
little girl drawing on a table, toys, a Dandoy dark chocolate egg and a pain à la Grecque

Our speculoos dressed up for this special occasion: small and egg-shaped or bigger with an ostrich drawing. You will find on the eshop the individual, duo or trio packs.

You can already purchase all these Easter sweets in our boutique or online. We’re never too early when it comes to plan a chocolate egg hunt. And here is as an exclusive our to-do list for everything to be perfect:

  • send invitations to friends
  • buy lots of chocolate eggs
  • taste them and finish them all
  • buy some again
  • repeat or make sure to (genuinely) hide them already