Let Your Love Bloom with Dandoy !

If you're one of those for whom Valentine's Day always resonates with a bouquet, you're in the right place! Well, almost, as you might imagine, our bouquets have a slightly more biscuity taste.

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For nearly two centuries, we've made it a point of pride to celebrate with flavor and delight those who love from the depths of their hearts. Over the years, we've offered you a variety of cookies to celebrate love and friendship. But this time, we've decided that it's with flower-shaped delights that we'll create the sweetest treats!

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Indeed, this Valentine's Day, we're encouraging all gourmets to exchange tender words and indulge in our flower-shaped biscuits that carry the irresistible scent of buttery bliss.

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At Maison Dandoy, where we wear our hearts on our sleeves and sprinkle generosity like confetti, we've whipped up three new floral biscuits: two boasting the classic speculoos flavor, and one with a tantalizing hint of vanilla. Find them in all our boutiques; just in time to make your love bloom forevermore.

My love, this year, let biscuit flowers be our sweet melody, more than words could ever be.

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