Maison Dandoy at Le Bon Marché

This year, our biscuits spend their Christmas holiday at Le Bon Marché. Settled in the heart of the 7th arrondissement since 1869, this marvelous shop has undergone many renovations. Eiffel himself worked on making it larger. And he had the delusions of grandeur.

Bon Marche Bar Maison Dandoy
Bon Marché Magasin Maison Dandoy

For a well-deserved break during your Christmas shopping, come taste our twinkling biscuits on the ground floor until the 6th of January. There is a saying that goes:

You'll find the perfects gifts only with a full belly.

Bon Marche Packets Maison Dandoy
Precious Little Dandoy Speculoos

Precious little Dandoy Speculoos

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Bon Marche Stand Maison Dandoy

Le Bon Marché
24 Rue de Sèvres,
75007 Paris, France
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 10am - 8 pm.
Thursday: 10am - 8:45 pm.
Sunday: 11am - 7:45 pm.

Bon Marche Comptoir Biscuits Maison Dandoy
Precious Little Dandoy Biscuit Caramel Beurre Sale

Precious little Dandoy Biscuit caramel beurre salé

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Bon Marche Stand Entier Maison Dandoy