Dandoy Lab: Can we make biscuits without breaking eggs?

It's back to school season! And a new school year means new things. That's why we’ve been working and experimenting all summer long to bring you new classics with a twist destined to delight all the food lovers out there.

It’s well known that at Maison Dandoy we’re not into half-baked efforts. As proud as we are of our heritage and traditions, we feel it is important to keep challenging ourselves to meet the needs of our customers, and to be in tune with our constantly changing world.

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With a concern for both ecology and ethics, the challenge this time was to create biscuits that don't contain any ingredients of animal origin. Using our savoir-faire, we came up with innovative alternatives to the butter and eggs normally found in our recipes.

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We embarked on experiments that were as crazy as they were gluttonous, keeping in mind that there are no bad choices to be made, just lessons to be learned in order to improve and act in favor of sustainability.

After trying dozens, even hundreds of combinations, and blending ingredients galore, we settled on a mixture that is not only delicious but is also good for the planet.

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The eggs are replaced by coconut syrup, a perfect alternative that offers many essential antioxidants and minerals. As for the butter, we switched it for coconut oil, a tasty surrogate with proven health benefits and a deliciously sweet flavor.

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Needless to say, we are thrilled to introduce our new vegan duo, designed for all our conscious customers who care about what's in their food as much as they love the taste of our recipes. So voilà! two new biscuits dedicated to doing things better: one vanilla, one chocolate, both a bit different but as delicious as ever.

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