Regenerative agriculture: nothing is lost, everything is regenerated.

It's back to school time! And this year, more than ever, there's going to be change in the air and in our recipes. But don't worry, nothing will be lost, in fact, everything will be regenerated. Let us explain how...

It’s because Maison Dandoy is a house full of traditions, that it is increasingly aware of the importance of questioning them. Indeed, since today's challenges are inevitably not the same as yesterday's, it's essential to find new solutions to keep pace with the ecological and societal issues of our time. If you're interested in our new challenges, we invite you to read our -manifesto-.

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As a family-owned, traditional biscuits « factory » with an eye to the future, we asked ourselves if our biscuits could play a role in the well-being of the planet and the people who live on it. What if, in addition to putting smiles on people's faces, we also had a responsibility to build a better world and protect the environment?

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After the questions, it's time for action! This year, we've decided to make our carbon footprint and raw material sourcing a priority. But where do we start? Quite simply, with the ingredient we use most in making our cookies: flour.


Although we already source this from local (and organic) farmers, we are now proud to support a 100% circular movement rooted in change: the regenerative agriculture.

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As the name suggests, regenerative agriculture ensures soil health while restoring biodiversity to farmland. As part of an approach that respects people and communities, it promotes farm autonomy and resilience while ensuring economic efficiency.

And to get this new agro-ecological transition off the ground, there's nothing like our spicy little mascots (which account for over 50% of our biscuits production) to set an example. So we're proud to announce that our speculoos are now made with 100% regenerative flour.

But that's not all (you know we're the generous type at Maison Dandoy)! To celebrate the latest chapter in our history, we've created a new biscuit: the crunchy tablet. The latest addition to our family of treats is now available in our boutiques and on our website, and comes in two different flavours: almond/caramel and fig/nut.

Using – locally sourced – flour from regenerative agriculture, it represents the (dried) fruit of our transition to a responsible movement based on solidarity.

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Why are we sure it will delight all gourmets? With the size of a chocolate bar, it can easily be shared with family and friends. But we won't judge if you keep it all to yourself, to enjoy over and over again…