Welcome to a world of waffles!

When I was a kid, Sunday evenings came with waffles. It is, until this day, the most efficient ritual to ease the melancholy of the end of the weekend. Thanks to it, Monday morning would be sweeter and my school bag lighter.

Waffles were the comforting dinners of my childhood, along with those where I was allowed to eat breakfast cereal. Full of sugar and with my parents under the eyes of the World Health Organisation, I went to bed with a light heart.

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Entering the new shop on Charles Buls street is like hugging your inner child. The smell of waffles, the cosy atmosphere and the playful tapestries on the wall made by designer Fanny Vanmansart.

At the counter, you will have to make the biggest choice of all: Liège or Brussels waffle? The first one takes you to a syrupy and soft world. The second is crispy, light and square. Here, to choose is not to forsake, but to allow yourself to get a better taste.

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Then, don't panic when faced with the wide choice of toppings. Chocolate, whipped cream, icing sugar, raspberry, strawberry, speculoos and so on. Listen to your child's heartbeat, it ever hardly gets mistaken.

And don't forget: when life gives you something hard to swallow, sprinkle it with icing sugar.

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