Christmas Tree Stories

Now that St. Nicholas has finished his round, Santa Claus is making an entry!

We recently shared the sweet customs of St. Nicholas with you. Now it's time to discover which ones will keep you waiting until Christmas Day!

The holiday season is fast approaching, presents are piling up by the fireplace, the tree has been chosen and everyone is looking forward to sharing a delicious moment with family or friends. Except that this year, our speculoos are not only coming to dinner, they are also aiming for your favourite tree. It's up to you: hang them in the Christmas tree or devour them in one bite?


If you choose the first option, take out your “Christmas Tree Stories” box, and mind these few tips to tastefully decorate your new housemate. Gather around your loved ones, and remember: the more gourmets, the merrier! Open the box and carefully read the little booklet to discover our sweet customs:

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December 9. It’s time to choose your Christmas tree! But be sure to cut it down carefully so that its forest companion, the mushroom, may come along too. These two are inseparable, especially at the end of the year. That's why the mushroom loves to adorn the branches of his favourite tree.

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Hot Chocolate

Mother Christmas wasn't always very handy, and would sometimes set fire to the hot chocolate kettle she would prepare for the elves. But she did have the brilliant idea to hide the burnt smell by sticking cloves in oranges, giving the workshop a lovely scent.

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December 15. Put everything aside for a moment, come and relish! Today, our focus is on the waffle. This day, it is said, marks the truce between the famous Liège and Brussels waffles. Just in time for the holidays, they've decided to let things rest for a bit. What if you did the same with your nemesis?

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December 20. One by one, the big round spheres of the Atomium light up to guide Santa Claus on his journey through Belgium. You can help him too by making your own star, but don't put it on top of the tree just yet, or he may get confused!

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24 December. Take out your socks and your ties (and put them on your head).

Here we go! The wings of the windmill start to spin, heralding thousands of presents. Santa Claus starts his rounds while the excitement builds up at dinner.

Have you read everything? Then grab some string and get out your best scissors... you've got some treeing to do!

Merry Christmas from Maison Dandoy