Maison Dandoy’s sweet customs

For this year's holidays, we share Maison Dandoy's oldest and tastiest traditions. These are the stories of our homeland, fragrant with speculoos and beckoning us to come together. You haven't heard of them? Then please read on. You'll love hearing all about them and even more so... devouring them!

One fine November day, while St Nicholas was preparing his round and the pressure was starting to mount, he decided to pay us a little visit at the workshop in order to confess a delicious and wacky scheme: making all sweet tooths wait for his round!

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Always in a flurry at the start of the festivities, and flooded with letters begging him to hurry, he offered that we make up our own sweet customs. Traditions to be written on the calendar, for every sweet tooth to keep up with as he went around the chimneys.

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November 15. The celebrations are ready to begin. Wearing our finest turtleneck, we light a candle near the fireplace. This bright tradition is meant to awaken St Nicholas, who has been hibernating since his last tour!

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November 18. The big feast is still a long way off... Luckily for those with a sweet tooth, this tradition has something to keep you waiting. From now on, expect candy in your shoes every morning until St. Nicholas' big day. We can't wait for tomorrow!

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November 21. Grab your best pen, it's time to write a letter to St. Nicholas! Need inspiration? Listen to the wind: the elves (who are very good writers) like to whistle wise words.

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November 24. We start working on the donkey's favorite meal, already out of breath thinking about the journey ahead. His favorite meal? Fries with carrot tartare sauce.

- You think that's odd? Taste first, judge later!

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Manneken Pis

November 29. When everyone is asleep, Manneken Pis dons a knitted jumper and sets off to decorate the city with a thousand lights. Haven't you noticed those garlands in the streets of Brussels? Well, surprising as it may seem, these are actually the work of our naked mascot.

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December 2. The tour is coming! That's worth celebrating, right? And today is Friday, so help yourself to a beer and don't forget to leave one for St. Nicholas. He appears to be a little more generous when he's had a glass or two, so... cheers!

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December 6. The time has come! St Nicholas is finally coming to visit all young - and not so young - children. He loves pretty things and a well-decorated house. So generously brush your speculoos with icing to make sure they are rich and tasty!

However, somewhat jealous that HE did not have a dedicated tree, he insisted that the invented traditions be hung up as tasty decorations. Mouth-watering stories to be put on the Christmas tree for every family to enjoy.

Although we may know that most sweet tooths can't wait for the 6th of December to indulge, these few traditions (and biscuits) will help to keep them waiting before the great sweet feast.