Maison Dandoy × Bellerose

We are thrilled to introduce our latest — and very special — collaboration with Bellerose. Derek, from Bellerose, and our head of business development, Alexandre, worked on developing the Smashbox, a beautifully crafted object that contains everything you need to indulge in the ultimate speculoos experience. Read on to find out how Derek and Alexandre brought this project to life!

Alexandre Helson Derek Collaboration Bellerose Maison Dandoy

Derek Van Heurck, Bellerose menswear stylist, and Alexandre Helson, Maison Dandoy head of sales, marketing, and business development have known each other for years. They immediately bonded over their love of authenticity and their wish to modernize their families' respective companies all while preserving their Belgian heritage. Derek is the son of Bellerose founder while Alexandre is the fourth great-grandson of Jean-Baptiste Dandoy, who founded Maison Dandoy in 1829. It didn't take long for Derek and Alexandre to start discussing a possible collaboration. Shortly after that, the Smashbox was born.

Maison Dandoy x Bellerose

Containing an apron (lovingly made and designed by Bellerose, obviously), a small wooden hammer and large speculoos in three different flavors, the beautifully crafted box combines Dandoy's iconic golden polka dot pattern with kraft, a material that Bellerose is very fond of. Not compromising on quality, the box is meant to be kept once the fun is over and will become a beautiful container for your treasured possessions.

As Derek puts it, "the aim was to make a box where everything can be either reused or eaten." For Alexandre, the idea of long-term was also crucial when designing the Smashbox. Did you know the hammer can be used to prepare cocktails or crush and grind cooking ingredients? Made of wood, it was inspired by the wooden baking molds used to bake speculoos and is also a nod to the aesthetic of our Bellerose stores.

Derek, Bellerose menswear stylist

The aim was to make a box where everything can be either reused or eaten.

Bellerose Maison Dandoy Smashbox
Bellerose Maison Dandoy

A testimonial of our expertise in the world of textile, the apron is sure to make you the most stylish home cook. Made of linen chambray, it is an ode to craftsmanship, workwear and attention to detail—three concepts we particularly cherish. We are really proud of its timeless design and functionality and hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

We find chopping speculoos to be an almost meditative experience and are excited that we were able to make this process easy. As Alexandre told us, it's all about this dramatic gesture, the one that comes right before sharing these delicious biscuits. They break into crumbs and slivers and their rough look is what really symbolizes the alliance of Bellerose and Maison Dandoy.

Plus, there’s a nice life lesson to be learned: when things fall apart, the best you can do is enjoy the pieces.