Maison Dandoy × Atelier Pierre Culot

All summer, Maison Dandoy has been busy getting a new surprise ready. We went as far as Roux-Miroir to collaborate with Atelier Pierre Culot. The new Milk and Cookies Box was born! Inside, you’ll find a bowl and brand new cookies. Because there’s nothing like a giant cookie dipped into a bowl of milk!

The outside of Atelier Pierre Culot, a red brick house surrounded with a garden, trees and a blue sky.
On a window sill inside Atelier Pierre Culot, a tea pot, cups and bowls.

Atelier Pierre Culot is located in an idyllic place called Roux-Miroir in the Walloon Brabant. Named after the Belgian ceramist and sculptor, the Atelier keeps his work alive since 2016. Born in 1938, Pierre Culot studied in the Maredsous school of artistic professions and at La Cambre. He learned the ropes with the great ceramists Antoine de Vinck and Bernard Leach. Until his death in 2011, the beauty of essential objects, rural pottery, and tradition inspired his work.

Close up of Atelier Pierre Culot frontage, a bench, an iron table surrounded with plants, the shadow of a tree.
A block of soil, a pair of hand kneading some into a bowl, another bowl.

Maison Dandoy and Atelier Pierre Culot are devoted to artisanal values. For both, it all begins with a pair of hands with a unique skill. The dough is turned into a cookie, the soil into a bowl. Atelier Pierre Culot and Maison Dandoy have one common goal: to make tradition last. Great Belgian classics, simple and timeless.

The Milk and Cookies Box with a shagreen enamel bowl and cookies, next a pile of cookies.
On the left the Milk and Cookies Box with a white enamel bowl and cookies, on the right a pile of cookies.

The idea behind the Milk and Cookies Box is that that there's nothing like a cookie dipped in a bowl of milk. We have created two brand new giant cookies. Atelier Pierre Culot made a special bowl so that you could dip them at once.


Our chat with Arnaud from Atelier Pierre Culot

How was the collaboration with Maison Dandoy born?

We kind of found each other. And I’m very glad it happened. We have much in common. People behind Maison Dandoy and Atelier Pierre Culot want to promote arts and crafts. Crafts are really the cornerstone of our collaboration. We both aim at embellishing crafts. Everything Maison Dandoy undertakes heads in this direction. It’s thanks to artisans that we manage to make a house like Dandoy and a studio like Atelier Pierre Culot durable.

Piles of bowls in the shadow, a sunshine illuminates a few of them.
A pair of hands plunging a bowl into a pot of black blue paint.

Could you tell us more about Atelier Pierre Culot?

Since Pierre died in 2011, our effort are dedicated to making his work last. Atelier Pierre Culot lies on four foundations: to continue Pierre Culot's work, to archive & collect, to organize residencies and collaboration projects. We really enjoy to collaborate, to use our savoir-faire to create something new.

Created by Atelier Pierre Culot, the bowls are unique and handmade. Just like our biscuits!

Five piles of shagreen, white, black blue, tomato and khaki bowls on a wooden table, in the back a white wall and a frame.
A table at snack time, a bowl full of milk, pile of cookies, lot of crumbs on the white nap.

What do you think of the result?

We adapted the Culot bowl. We made it to Dandoy’s dimensions to create a true collaboration, which I think, is very exciting. Crafts take time, and we took time. One has to realize that behind these bowls, there are between three weeks up to one month of work. The soil needs to be kneaded, turned. First, there is the cooking, then the drying, the enamel process, a second cooking, etc. It's not for pleasure that we take time. It's because crafts need time to be done by the book. Of course, there's also a great pleasure in taking your time.

Get both hands into the cookie bowl!