Send your love with Dandoy

Our master gourmets have always said: "In an oven, as in life, the important thing is to keep the flame alive".

That's why they have been sharing their know-how with the same passion for several generations. So that you, dear gourmets, can enjoy our biscuits without ever losing interest.

Well, it's the same in any kind of relationship: sharing is caring.

Isn't splitting the last biscuit with your loved one the most beautiful statement of all? We agree. But isn't it even better with a love note attached?

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For this year's Celebration of Love, Maison Dandoy becomes a messenger to allow you to express yourself.

Tell us what's on your mind, and we'll share your love notes on our website and in three of our shop windows (Galeries, Buls and Stéphanie).

Friends, roommates, colleagues, lovers or parents: no matter who’s on the receiving end, it's time to put your feelings in words! Spread the love all around you, don't hold back!

Indeed, once sent, your kind words will immediately appear on our "screens", and will keep running until February 28th! And to guide you in writing the perfect love note, check out our love instructions, AKA our "Love Manual".

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  1. Go to our website or scan the QR code in one of our shops.
  2. Once you're on our website, click on the "Send your love" button. You'll be asked to provide your first name and email address.
  3. Once you have entered your first name and email address, you will be asked to provide the same information for the person you wish to send your love to.
  4. It's time to let love run free and to put your passion on full display (don't hold back, be as generous as our biscuits)
  5. Your message has been shared. It's ready to be displayed on our website and in our shops. No worries, it'll run until February 28th.
  6. You can share it on social media and tag your crush and @maisondandoy. A sweet surprise will await you in one of our shops!
  7. Do you have more love to share? You may go back to step 1. Love is like biscuits, it's even tastier when shared.
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Last but not least, let us introduce two new biscuits to go along with these your instant love notes: Coeur de beurre and P'tit coeur.

The first is a crunchy heart-shaped biscuit with a red candied heart inside, to share with your lover.

Dandoy 4X5 209 2 V3 Freduyttenhove

The second is a small heart-shaped and cherry-flavored biscuit to seduce fans of fruity delights.

Happy Celebration of Love from Maison Dandoy!

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