On May 8, terraces will open & our ice creams will be back in the game!

Summer is almost there. And to help you keep your cool despite the high temperatures, we are bringing out a range of ice creams and sorbets. Speculoos, vanilla, pistachio, almond, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, set, go!

What's new compared to previous years is that in addition to being enjoyed on the go in small pots or cones, our ice creams and sorbets are available in half-litre sizes. Welcome one or several jars in your freezer and break the ice all summer long at your picnics, parties and barbecues.

Pot Glace Fraise Opercule Rouge Maison Dandoy
Glace Italienne Sorbet Fraise Maison Dandoy

Unfortunately, travel restrictions may have prevented you to make plan for the summer. To cheer you up, we have made a list of activities to do under the Brussels sun (if it finally comes...)

Glace Italienne Vanille Speculoos Maison Dandoy
Glace Italienne Speculoos Maison Dandoy

Cycling along the Canal, sunbathing in the Josaphat park, dancing on Grand-place, kissing under the atomium, strolling through the city with a Belgian beer in your hand, going on an adventure in the Soignes forest, pedalling on the lake in the Bois de la Cambre...

Glace Pot Opercule Ombre Mains Maison Dandoy
Glaces Pots Opercule Chocolat Maison Dandoy

Good news: we've checked and these activities can be carried out safely with ice in your belly or in your thoughts.