The Dandoy Saga – 1

This summer, Maison Dandoy takes you to sunny Marseille for a saga in four episodes.

The breakfast & the surprise of the financiers

The sun shines through the shutters, gently pulling Léa out of her sleep. She has no idea what time it is. Her phone is still in the living room or the garden. On holidays, messages are left on hold, and notifications can wait on the screen for a while.

Léa yawns and savours this half-sleep, the streak of sunlight in the darkness and the fleeting freshness of the morning.

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Lea smiles, and it's a genuine smile because no one is there to see it. How long does this moment last? Fifteen minutes or an hour, it’s hard to say. In the summer, time doesn't stretch the same way.

She finally gets up to open the windows. The sun bursts into the room, forcing her to squint. Once she gets used to the light, she notices a note slipped under her door. She picks it up slowly, as if afraid to frighten it.

I'm a little golden pastry, my name is also the name of a job, but I prefer to laze around.
PS: I’m waiting for you at breakfast.

Léa smiles. The second genuine smile, but she is not the type to count. Her brain is still too foggy to solve the riddle. She puts on shorts and follows the smell of coffee and toast.

Everyone is already around the breakfast table. Noémie, Aurélia and Jean are talking about having a picnic at the beach. Noah is buttering his toast, looking as awake as Léa, and Diego is reading the newspaper. Léa sits down and asks him what is going on in the world. He doesn't know; he was reading his horoscope, which foretells a day full of surprises.

Hélène, jam all around her mouth, asks her father if she can eat the last financier sitting on a plate in the middle of the table. Léa remembers and smiles. My name is also the name of a job. She wonders whose idea it was.

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Noah says it’s for Léa since she is the one who went out of her way to surprise them.

‘Surprise you?’ Léa repeats.
‘Well, yes, to go and get some financiers for breakfast.’
‘But I just woke up.’

Everyone laughs.

‘All right, Lea.’

She wonders if this is a joke but decides not to insist. It's still early; the truth may need time to emerge too. Besides, she has a financier to enjoy. She chooses to dip it in her coffee and discovers it is lemon-flavoured. Precisely what she thinks summer tastes like...

Good spots:

In this episode, the bread and pastries for breakfast come from Pain Pan Bakery. And the financiers, from a Maison in Brussels that we probably don't need to name...