The funniest shades for the sweetest summer!

May left us with colourful cheeks and eyes full of summer. June's skies have arrived, a little moodier, a little more capricious. But as usual at Maison Dandoy, we're eager to look on the bright side. Let's not say the weather's been bad; let's just say that so far, it's been sunny several times a day.

Senlis Margaux Dandoy Ss22 51 Recadrage
Senlis Margaux Dandoy Ss22 74

To brighten the sometimes cloudy sky, we came up with brand new biscuits to look at life through rose-tinted glasses. Three pairs of glasses made of speculoos are set to leave our workshop and take over our boutiques. Whatever the occasion, we have the shades for it!

Let's go for the most anticipated fashion show of the summer. Here comes the first model, the fine summer flower, a classic speculoos frame with lemon-flavoured flower glasses. These yellow shades will have the sun peeking through even the most stubborn of clouds.

Senlis Margaux Dandoy Ss22 03

This summer, I’ll specul-ooze happiness & delight. With these glasses, no worries in sight!

Our second model, the vanilla heart, has a brighter vanilla speculoos frame that stands out with its heart-shaped raspberry lenses. These glasses let you gaze at any landscape with an added touch of bliss and enchantment.

Senlis Margaux Dandoy Ss22 15

I don’t only make you look like a star, I also have a delicious taste of nectar.

Finally, our last model: the lemon round, which, as its name suggests, combines lemon-flavoured speculoos and round glasses with an orange taste and hue. To be worn with a light heart, they’ll take you on a colourful adventure towards a never-ending sunset.

Senlis Margaux Dandoy Ss22 14

With my zest of laziness & my touch of lemon, you'll feel like you are on holiday in a second!

Once you've admired the colourful skies with your glasses on, don't forget to eat them. Be aware: the summer of 2022 will make you feel anew!