The Rabbit with a Spring in his step

After months of hibernation, Rabbit finally emerges from his burrow. Lead by the tip of his nose, Rabbit is more than ready to jump back in at the first hint of frost.

He’s bundled up in hats, mittens and scarves. Being Belgian, Rabbit is wary. This is not his first solstice. An old rabbit doesn’t make new habits. Spring has already stood him up a few times so he prepares wisely.

D1104 010 176 © Amelie Ambroise
D1104 010 224 Cacahuetes 2© Amelie Ambroise

A lot of Winters felt like the ice age. Snow, sledding, ice, sleet - he'd rather not hear about it. Rabbit isn't grumpy, he just doesn't like winter. He particularly doesn’t like the snowflakes that spoil his perfectly groomed fur.

His muzzle finally out of the den, he exclaims:
"It doesn't smell like pine, that's quite a sign".
Dazzled by the light, he only makes out spots of colour.
Yellow! Are the dandelions saying hello?
Pink! Did the cherry tree give me a wink?
Blue! Is the royal peacock out too?
Red! Ladybirds? So Spring has spoken!

D1104 010 211 Goji 2© Amelie Ambroise
D1104 010 176 Couleurs© Amelie Ambroise

Rabbit throws off his hat, muffler and mittens and cries out, "It even feels warm. Come on winter, basta ciao!" Rabbit has, in addition to his great knowledge of spring, a good grip of Italian. What can I say? Winters are long and there is not much to do in a burrow.

He has a lot on his paws this year, because Rabbit has ruled that it will be a big year for egg hunting. And as the birch tree has already started to bud, it's time to get busy. He needs to rally his troops and prepare a grand plan. Decorating eggs and finding perfect hiding places is an art. All these coloured dots will help, they will create a distraction! On the menu: Speculoos eggs dipped in chocolate and covered in colourful flavours.

D1104 010 227 Chocolat Blanc 3© Amelie Ambroise
D1104 010 176 Pistaches 2© Amelie Ambroise

And then of course: a biscuit in his image. Rabbit proudly perched on his egg. We'd be remiss if we didn't pay tribute to him for all his springtime egg planning.