A summer with madeleines

At Maison Dandoy, summer is without a doubt one of our four favourite seasons. We celebrate it at our ovens with the sole purpose of brightening your holidays!

Loose madeleines.
A person putting lime zests on madeleines placed on a chopping board.

Our pastry chefs spent several months trying to add a Dandoy touch to classic madeleines. Our final recipes are summery and delicious with a plain madeleine covered in lemon icing, another full of orange from the bottom of its heart to the top of its bump, and last but not least, one with coconut, lime zests and covered in lime icing.

Madeleines in transparent bags.
A person cutting a vanilla pod on a chopping board next to madeleines and a cup of coffee.

Not easy to eat a madeleine without thinking of the one Proust soaked in his tea triggering lost childhood memories to come flooding back. At Maison Dandoy, we’re convinced this also happens if the madeleine is dipped in milk or even better, eaten impatiently out of its bag upon exiting our boutiques (be careful not to lose a single crumb!). Ultimately, we have made our madeleines in such a way that each of them is able to embody 'the vast structure of recollection'. Because madeleines might even taste better as we get older, when we have more joys and pains to remember.

No better time than summer to collect madeleine moments

Old postcards on a table, of a family on holidays with a big photoshopped madeleine.
Two madeleines in a plate surrounded by three apricots.

If you’ve already stopped by one of our boutiques, you will have noticed that our madeleines are taking over the sunny holidays. All summer long, you’ll get the chance to read twelve postcards on our instagram page. Each one of these postcards is available blank and ready for you to write on in our boutiques. A stamp will come with the purchase of madeleines, so you can mail your adventures and, who knows, maybe find them again in a few years, lovingly stored in a shoebox.