The Flower Box by Thierry Boutemy

Maison Dandoy celebrates summer with Thierry Boutemy. For those who don't know him yet, Thierry Boutemy is a florist who arranges his bouquets the same way we make our biscuits: driven by ingenuity, spontaneity, and innocence. That's why working together became an evidence and the Flower Box is the fruit of our collaboration.

Boite Fleurs Thierry Boutemy Biscuit Croque Maison Dandoy

The Flower Box shelters a brand new biscuit filled with wildflower seeds carefully selected by Thierry Boutemy. But poppy, flax, cornflower, malva, and chamomile are not only to eat. There is also a cute little bag with these same seeds to grow. The box is made of paper only and can be turned, once emptied, into a flowerpot. Completely natural and without artificial materials, it can, when the time comes, be buried in a bigger pot.

Boite Fleurs Biscuits Thierry Boutemy Maison Dandoy

Wildflower seeds to eat, grow, and enjoy. Dormant for now, but soon all around you.

An aesthete and a poet, Thierry Boutemy is a florist who prefers wild picking to prescriptions. He loves to turn each bouquet into a savage beauty, unruly but deeply sincere. He is behind every bouquet in the movie Marie-Antoinette. What he prefers in the Flower Box? The idea of growing the same seeds you’ve just eaten! You can visit his lush boutique rue Vanderkindere 375 in Uccle.

Boite Fleurs Thierry Boutemy Banner Maison Dandoy

If you look the right way, you will see that the whole world is a garden. Even this little paper box.

Flower Box flower Thierry Boutemy Maison Dandoy