Maison Dandoy at Galeries Lafayette

This year, the Galeries Lafayette had the fabulous idea to celebrate Christmas with a Circus theme: Spectacular Spectacular. Magician, elephant, white rabbit... All this little crowd hurried to participate. They were only missing cheeky biscuits and that’s how Maison Dandoy was invited to join the party. All our biscuits headed towards Paris in a small caravan made for the occasion.

Biscuit Pomme Amour Galeries Lafayettes Maison Dandoy

And with all our usual stars, a brand new one: the biscuit toffee apple with a small raspberry heart. In this biscuit tenderly imagined in our atelier, our pastry chefs put all their childhood memories. A Sunday afternoon, an extraordinary show, an innocent awe, the permission of a sweeter-than-usual snack, a toffee apple, the coulis dripping, the sticky hands, the red cheeks and the heartily laughters.

A tip? Don’t bite too hard, this biscuit has a tiny melting heart.

Come and have a taste of our brand new biscuit and all the other ones at the level -1 of the Galeries Lafayette until the 10th of December and at the level +1 from the 11th until the 2nd of January.