Welcome to the Dandoy Lab!

After working for over a year and a half in a pandemic with the persistent feeling of having mistakenly put the camera of our lives in slow motion, we were eager to launch a great new project. And we are finally ready to share it with you, are you ready too?

The following observation might seem blindingly obvious. As a company we play an important role in ongoing social, environmental and health affairs. We may not be big philosophers and we may just make cookies, but ‘just making cookies’ isn’t an excuse for us to bury our heads in the sand. As participants in today’s economy we have a duty to act upon these issues.

The fact that we have existed for almost two centuries isn’t an excuse for us to do "as we have always done" under the pretext of respecting and preserving traditions. From our offices to our workshop, we want to meet the current challenges. To imagine solutions within our power and reach. Because ultimately, if Dandoy cookies have always stood the test of time, it's because they have always crunched with the epoch. It's now our turn!

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A Maison built on tradition grows by questioning them, and it is because of this that today, we have created the Lab, a space of experimentation where we will try to do better, fail, fail better and in turn, we hope, succeed.

Everything is in place for us to joyfully question everything. And we are determined to put ourselves in question! How can we avoid waste and give our broken cookies a second life? We already tried to answer this question with the Brussels Beer Project, remember?

Faced with the health challenges of diabetes and the rise of obesity, what if we made cookies with a lower glycemic index? We tried it at the beginning of the last school year and that's how two shortbreads were born: the dark chocolate hazelnut and the cocoa coffee. Since then, a new one has been released: the tonka pecan.

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We already get all of our raw materials from local farmers. What if we went a step further to promote an agriculture that respects the soil and biodiversity? As you can see, the field of possibilities is wide and we want to have fun exploring it.

So, what question did we ask ourselves this fall?

We were interested in gluten, a molecule that is omnipresent in our products. Gluten intolerance is becoming more and more common. And why should these people give up our sweet treats? To answer this, we have created a new duo of gluten-free cookies that everyone will be able to munch on with greed... and without moderation.

We present you the caramel cookie with buckwheat flour and the chocolate cookie with chestnut flour. These are the 4th and 5th cookies in the Lab's range, after the three shortbread cookies with a lower glycemic index. We can't wait for you to try them and let us know what you think about them, in our boutiques, on instagram or on Facebook! You taste, we listen.

See you soon for new experiences :)